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Presenting Lenta mankintan

Presenting LentaPresenting Lenta featuring Lenta by Stan MaciasPresenting Lexie HeardWild and FreePresenting RosellaPresenting Eva LPurple BlanketTiTTiPORN Sea view Sand bagsTiTTiPORN2018-07-17 08:00:00It’s a lovely day in island paradise and I want to go to the beach. With my string bikini on, I set out to explore the deserted hill side so I could get a view of any secluded places that were good for tanning naked. At the top of the hill I met a guy who was there by himself and it looked like he was trying to do the same thing. He was a foreigner and at first I was nervous because I was alone, but then I felt comfortable once we started talking.Suddenly the idea of being alone with a stranger with this beautiful view made my bikini bottoms wet. I wonder if this guy wanted to see a different view, one that isn’t as easily accessible. I pulled open my bikini top and revealed my big natural melons for him to see. His cock instantly poked through his shorts which gave me the green light to go one step further. I released his throbbing cock and placed it right inside of my mouth. He dick was salty from his sweaty hike up the hill, but that tasted so nice and raw in my mouth. I didn’t think I was going to actually fuck him, but the way he groaned and squeezed my tits made my pussy ache for his nice white dick. So I hovered over his naked body and slid his rigid cock into my soaked pussy. He was just the right size and I bounced up and down feeling every inch of his solid tool. He then fucked me doggie-style as we both stared into the abyss of the gorgeous view. Then he flipped me over and sank is cock in one last time and drilled my pussy until he cried out in an orgasm and came inside me. It was a huge gush of sperm that I felt hit my vaginal walls and that made me cum so hard myself. When he pulled out, his potent sperm spilled onto the blanket. I’m such a naughty girl, but now I know where to go when I want to get fucked by a stranger.