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Lick Me マンキンタン
Lick Me
Lick Me featuring Scarlett Jones,Olivia Sparkle by Sandra Shine
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Joyous Morning

2023-03-08 16:00:00

住宅審査が通り新居に引っ越してきた人妻・咲流。しかし、隣に住んでいたのは足フェチの変態大家だった。セクハラされる日々を耐え、なんとか幸せな生活を送ろうとする咲流だったがある日突然住宅退去をチラつかされ*されてしまう。そこから始まる地獄の日々。大嫌いな隣人に抱かれ続ける日々にやがて……。Sakiryu is a married woman who moved into a new house after her housing application was approved. However, her next door neighbour is a perverted landlord with a foot fetish. Sakiryu endures being sexually harassed every day, and tries to lead a happy life somehow, but one day she is suddenly made to leave the house and is taken. The days of hell start from there. Eventually …… to the days that continue to be embraced by the neighbor who hates.

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